Saturday, February 23, 2013

Up coming Marvel toys for 2013 (A Review)

Hasbro's new line of Marvel Legends is about to release a new set of this year.  Some of you may have already seen the three in the new Iron Man line at Wal-Mart and Targets already, along with an over stocking of Iron Man 3 toys (when will they learn?)

In the build a Hit Monkey set, we will be seeing a new Captain America based on his Ultimates look.

With this one, it makes me wonder if any more of the Ultimates will be coming out any time soon.  The Ultimates Iron Man came out in one of the original Hasbro Legends line, tho personally, if they remake that figure, they could only improve it.

One of the X-Men in this line will be Archangel.  I think this is the first time that the Archangel has been released in any Legends line (It was Angel that was in the Sentinel series by Toybiz).  I wouldn't doubt by the end, if this figure is released in a chase or in a later wave in his X-Force colors.

Being released as a first time Legend is the Red She Hulk (by her box, you can see that she has a variant, who I am not sure of who she is, so fill me in if anyone does know who the other version will be.  If I do remember right, was she added to the Defenders a year or two ago as the Hulk's Daughter?)  For anyone who loves the Hulk, why not add Betty Ross' Hulked out form to your collection?  It also looks like she may come with the Hit Monkey's body.

This wave is also going to bring Protector to the Legends line, with what seems like Iron Fist in the white and gold suite as a variant.  By what I understand of Protector, he is pretty much another version of Mar-Vel.

Here is a blast from the past who has found new life.  Hyperion is about to make his debut in the Marvel Legends as well this year, with Sentry from the Dark Avengers as his variant.  The ToyBiz Sentry isn't that hard to find if you really wanted a toy on him, tho I haven't seen how he looks in this wave, I must say it can only be improved from the last version.  I am not sure how Hyperion will be taken in this release.  If I had to take a guess who the common figure would be out of the Hit Monkey series, I would have to say this will be it, along with the the next one in the line up.....

If it isn't another Wolverine!  I don't know why ever time we turn around, Marvel is releasing another Wolverine, Iron Man, or Spider-man.  I know they are three of the company's top heroes, but still the Marvel Universe holds so many other people they could pick to fill out a Legends line.  The thing that makes this one stand out (if you can say that) is that he is in his X-Force colors.  This is one of the reasons I am sure Archangel will be released in his silver and black as well.

And for everyone who has looked at this line and asked what is Hit Monkey, I give you a few details of what IT is.
Hit monkey is a hit man monkey in the Marvel Universe.  Yes this little guy is the build for this wave.  I give Hasbro and Marvel credit for some of the toys they are putting in the set, but I miss when Legends builds were big figures.  Things like Hit Monkey could be better off as being a basic figure in a series.  I really wished who ever comes up with these ideas at Hasbro would think of doing an amazing build like Thanos, Rhino, Juggernaut, or even Hulk.  To give credit where credit is due, the Ironman only line that is being released by Marvel Legends at least has the Iron Monger as the build.  Currently, I think this may be the best build this new Legends line by Hasbro has offered so far.

I am sure most of us are in need of another Iron Man like we need an extra hole to the head, this so far is the best of the worst.  I have spotted the Iron Man 3 toys in heavy supply at most stores in the Chattanooga Area (over stocking another movie line that will be in clearance in a few months), and I must say, most of the toys look cheap and not very well made.  The best things I have seen for the up coming film are these three Legends.  The Iron Patriot will go well with the other Dark Avengers that this Hasbro line has put out (Dark Wolverine, and the Sentry).  But I am almost sure I have already seen this line put out a Heroic Age Iron Man already, and wasn't the Classic Iron man in a two pack from the first Hasbro Legend series, with the second head showing a Tony Stark face?  I don't know what the other three figures in this set will be yet, but I do hope we will see a few new faces like Rescue and less Iron Man to finish this set.

Another section will be added later for the up coming Marvel Universe toys.  This section for Legends ran longer than I had planed on for one post, but the all the figures in the Hit Monkey set needed to be shown for those who collect the Marvel brand.  Over all, I think it is an ok set with a few more pluses than it has minuses.  Many of the basic figures range from ok to pretty cool, but the build is lacking in my opinion.  The Iron Man line does give the buyers a good build, but the figures in the line seem like a lot of repeats from past releases.

As always let us know what you think of this line and any others that we post on our new blogger page.

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