Thursday, February 28, 2013

Transformers in stock for the weekend of 3/2/2013

Another toy line that is well loved by kids and collectors that came in this week is the Transformers line.

 For the kids we got in some more movie style Transformers toys.  The small toys go for $5 each, while the larger ones go from $10-15 each.  These are cheap enough for the kids to enjoy and afford, so these often move fast. *"Transformers" was the first move to film near and around the Pentagon after 9/11*

 For the collectors, we got in the 25th anniversary Optimus Prime($90) and Soundwave($40). Soundwave is a Toys R Us exclusive piece since you can't see the sticker on the front.  I figured a pic of the open window would give more detail than a closed box would.  If anyone is wondering about the prices, we know each should go for more, but the previous owner had them out of the box (I have no idea as to why), also if anyone wants both pieces we will cut you a deal. *Season 1 of the original cartoon series aired from September-December of 1984*

If you want to know what type of deal we will make you on the two anniversary toys, or questions on anything in this post, drop me an e-mail at

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