Sunday, March 31, 2013

Toys and Treasures News for Easter Sunday.

We hope everyone had a great Easter Sunday!  And thank you to everyone who came in and got in on our buy 2, get your 3rd item free sale today.  I just finished posting pics of what we got in today, and if you would like to ask me anything, you may e-mail me at

Remember the season final of Walking Dead is about to start, so if you want to see how season 3 ends, don't miss it!

Other Toys we got in on Easter Sunday

 In the toys that we got too few of to justify making a posting for today, includes one Ben-10 toy.  We got in the basic figure scaled Humugasaur from the Ben-10 Alien Force line.
 This Super Sayin Goku came in today in a collection of loose toys.  It is rare for us to get Goku, and we hardly see him in this Sayin armor.
 Today, we also bought a big box of 2013 Hot Wheels.  These are all on our $1 Hot Wheels table, and if I say so myself, the selection has several cool cars in it.
A bag of loose Megazord action figures came in today.  We also got the instructions for most of these, and the collection also included two different morphers.

Video Game Toys that we bought on Easter Sunday

 Since the kids love the Angry Birds, we got in two of the larger plush items, including the Darth Vader from Angry Bird Star Wars, and we got in a small two pack of birds.
We also got some toys on games that aren't as child friendly as the Angry Birds.  We got in this female from Metal Gear Solid 2, and this guy from the game Bullet Storm.  Both of these are in our Showcase awaiting the lucky person who will come in and snatch them up.

Transformers we bought on Easter Sunday

 8 more Transformers in the box came in today, all of the ones here are from the last movie line and are priced for our $10 rack.  We have several of the ones that the kids love, including Bumble Bee and Barricade.

Marvel toys we got in on Easter Sunday

 Few Marvel toys arrived today, but we got in this 1985 Secret Wars Kang still in the box, and it is in nice shape.  We don't get in many Secret Wars toys, and even fewer in the box, and to be honest, I don't think We have ever had any come in that is still in this condition.
Even tho it was a movie from last summer, the kids still are crazy for the Avengers.  For the little ones who like to play dress up, we got in this three pack of basic masks.  This set offers Hulk, Iron Man, and Captain America.

G.I. Joes that we got in on Easter Sunday

 I know this is a new one, but we got our hands on this one since this is the variant Cobra Commander.  The normal suit is a bright blue, while this one is a black outfit. On Amazon, this figure is going for $17.50 before shipping and handling, but with us, it is an even $15.
Today we also got over 20 loose Joes in that have been bagged and priced and are already in our Army bin.  We got in several different Cobras, and Joes from several various sets.

Ghost Busters that we bought on Easter Sunday

 These are far from being the vintage 80's line, but in the later part of the 90's the series was briefly brought back with the Extreme Ghost Busters (some called them Ghost Busters the Next Generation).We got six different figures, including the updated version of Sam Hain.  The show also included a goth girl (we didn't get her), and a guy in a wheelchair (never made).

The DC toys we bought on Easter Sunday

 We got in a few goodies today, and a few of the things we got in include some DC items.  Today we got a couple of the Bats from the last Batman movie.  These are normal Hot Wheels sized die casts, and we don't normally get these very easily.
 With the movie coming out this summer, we added a few more Superman toys to our DC wall.  We got a few different Supermans, Supergirl, Lex Luthor and other villains that the kids will go nuts over.

More new items just came in

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Toys and Treasures News for Easter Sunday

Happy Easter Everyone.  I just finished posting all the pics of the toys we got in today.  As usual, if you have questions about these items, feel free to e-mail me at

I hope that everyone who can come in and visit tomorrow, will.  We are still planing our fun for Easter.

Other Toys for 3/31/13

 Some of the toys we got that go under different sections, we got several loose items today.  One of the ones we got in is this army man. Another item that we toss into our Japanese Animation bin, are these Ben-10 toys.  We got in some Diamond Head figures, a Heat Blast, and a bounty hunter from the show.

 If you have a child that loves Disney movies, we have in this Hercules action figure from the animated movie.
We are happy to have in more loose TMNT toys.  we got in two vintage items and a few from the 2000 re-launch.  With the new cartoon series, the kids go crazy over all of our loose TMNT toys, so I don't expect that we will have these for long.

Fantasy Toys for 3/31/13

 In one of the collections we picked up today, we got in these three dragon toys.  Each one is super articulated and I am sure will be sold soon to one of the many kids who love dragons.
 If you remember the movie Small Solders, you may remember the explosive expert for the bad guys in the movie.  I honestly don't know if we ever had a toy on this guy before, but kids still remember this film since it is often shown on Cartoon Network.  We also got a bunch of these Mega Blok like toys.  They are all knights, and orc type creatures.  If you child has play sets for these guys and need to replace some of the troops, or wants to buy more for their play, you may want to get this set before it sales out.

 Several Star Wars figures came in today.  All the ones we got fit into one photo, so I decided to place it into this section instead of giving it a post all of it's own.  We got in characters from both the original and second trilogy.
We don't get many toys from this series, but we have in another animated Tales from the Crypt Keeper figure in the box.  The one we bought today is the zombie from the set.  If you remember this old show, or if your just a zombie lover, you may enjoy adding this figure to your collection.

Toys from Japanese Cartoons and Video Games for 3/31/13

 In our Japanese toy bin, we got in one more Dragon Ball Z toy.  This is a battle damaged Gohan it seems.  We usually sale our loose DBZ toys fast, so if you are looking for a figure like this one, I would suggest for you to move fast.
 For our gamers, we have in this cute little dog from the Harvest Moon games.  In the game, you could choose to have a cat or a dog, I think most usually choose to have the dog.  The other video game toy we got in, I am not sure who it is, but I almost think he is from the Tekken line.

In the Japanese toy bin, we got in a Gaia from the Yu-Gi-Oh toy line.  This knight was one of the first big characters in the card game when it first began.

Transformers for 3/31/13

 We did get in a few Transformers today, including this Go-Bots item.  It isn't a Go-Bot from from the 80's toy line.  The name Go-Bot was more recently given to a line of Transformers that are simple to transform and were targeted for the younger children who may not be able to work the normal action figures that easily.  The one that we got in looks to be a tiger when it transforms (or some other large cat).  We also got in two small Beast Wars Transformers that would be ideal for younger children.
 From the era of the Beast Wars, we got in this Optimal Optimus toy.  I will be honest, it has seen some better days, but for those who enjoy doing customs or need missing pieces for the Optimal they have, this item may be perfect.
 If you or your child likes the Movie items, we do have in this Optimus Prime from the second movie.  he has some gold trim and what looks like a bit of Japanese writing on some of his parts.

Power Rangers for 3/31/13

 Several older Power Ranger Zords came in today.  We got the Silver Ranger's Zord from Power Rangers in Space, along with the Zord for the Titanium Ranger from Light Speed Rescue.  In this collection we did get a Ninjor and a few newer items as well.

 Some of the older toys we got in are the White Tiger Zord and Tor the Shuttle Zord.  These are a good buy for people who grew up on the show, or for a collector.
Some Power Ranger figures also came in today.  We got a Silver Ranger, and Magna Defender, and an action figure of the Light Speed Mega-Zord.

Super Heroes for 3/31/13

 In a collection we got today, we only loose DC toy in.  We currently have this Batman Forever version of Robin in stock.
 In the Marvel heroes, we got in some loose X-Men toys such as Cyclops and Sabertooth.  We also got in one Spider-Man item as well.

Several Iron Man figures in the 3.75-inch size scale came in today.  We got in Iron Man 2099, Fusion Armor, Mac 1 and 2 from the movie lines.

Cars for 3/31/13

 We didn't get in much this Saturday, but we did get a few items.  One of the ones that we brought in was the WWE car that still makes sounds.  It is a soft monster truck that some lucky child will love.  In a collection I got bought today, I did get some more loose Hot Wheels for the three for a dollar bin.

We just got some power ranger zords

Friday, March 29, 2013

Toys and Treasures News for the Easter Weekend.

Hello, guys.

For those that may not get to come in this weekend, Kevin and myself would like to wish you all a happy and safe Easter Sunday.  For those we may get to see this weekend, I would like for you to know that we will be open this Sunday.  On Easter Sunday we are going to offer a sale, and we are thinking about offering a fun little Easter related game for the kids (ages 12 and under).  I just finished posting photos for the items we brought in today to start this weekend off with, but if you have any questions about what we got in, you can always feel free to e-mail me at  

Have a Happy Easter, from your friends at Toys and Treasures.

Mixed toys for the weekend of 3/30/13

 Most of the toys that I am placing under the section of mixed items for tonight's posting are girls items.  We placed a few more Beanie Babies into the box, and we also got in more Ponies of different brands in stock for this Easter Weekend.

 Some of the items that we don't see very often include this set of Teletubies and Troll dolls.  The Trolls look old, but I am unsure as to what their manufacturing dates are.

 Normally these items would be under their own sections, but since we only brought in one of each today, I figured that placing them under the heading of mixed toys would save on adding posts that aren't really needed for only one item.  In our loose Star Wars, we have in this Jar Jar action figure, and we also got this bike in our TMNT bin.