Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Toy Show 2013's Predators, Aliens, and Prometheus

The Aliens, and Predators lines stay a hot item with many followers collecting both if not just one of the lines.  And with the Aliens connecting with Prometheus, it is only fair to add it to the line up.

I am not going to go too far into discussing the Aliens line tho since I have done so already in a previous posting.  I ado have a few closer up pics of the ones I posted before and figured that they would fit in nicely with this section on Predators and Prometheus since all three are connected to one another.

The Predators line will also have a line from the first Predator movie that includes two size scales.  One will be the size range that we are already use to, and then a larger scale will also come out.  In the picture (left) you can see the larger Arnold next to the normal scale figure. Arnold will be released in both combat gear and covered in mud.

 The close up of the mud version of Arnold may give you more idea of the quality each toy will have with details and articulation.
 On the right you can see a closer pic of the combat gear Arnold what is sure to come with loads of weapons.

I included a pic of the small Predator that was pictured with the large Arnold toys, just in case you want a better look at the stealth predator.

One of the best looking toys that will be in the Predators line will be the trophy case where your Predators.

In this close up of the trophy case you can see the skulls a bit closer and get a concept of the detail that will be sculpted in the background.

The Predator figures will have normal sized Arnold figures as well.  They will also be presented in a nice display box.  Some of the items shown have been released by the time of this posting, but some are yet to come.

Prometheus has a few figures in store now that you can like the Predator figures find in FYE stores right now, but like the other line, Prometheus still have a few items in store for us in 2013.

Just like the lines before it, Prometheus will be very well sculpted and be sold in displayable boxes that will leave any collector wanting to show them off.

At the show the Prometheus figures are shown with a nice black display stand, but by what I have read, these figures won't be packaged with any form of base, unless this changes at production.

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