Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More for the 2013 Marvel toys

We have already covered some of the 2013 Marvel toys such as Legends and Universe lines, along with some of the sets for kids, but many other things were on show this year.  I have pictured a display for the Legends from the show.  I do point out the Archangel in black and silver, the normal set has listed the one in blue and purple.  Maybe I wasn't incorrect on my suspicions of them doing an open market version of his X-Force suit.  Also in the image is the Hit Monkey build.  I still think doing a tiny figure as a build is crazy on Marvel's behalf.  I still remember how a tiny toy wasn't used as a gimmick to make buyers buy a set of toys, but was an accessory, like Howard the Duck being packaged with the Silver Surfer.  I still think the ToyBiz line is the superior line of Legends.

NECA is doing some highly-detailed Marvel figures this year that should drive the collectors crazy.  They are going to put out some of the Avengers style figures for Iron Man and Captain America, and rumor has it, more of the team as well.  With the open market lines such as Iron Man 3's cheaply made look, it is good to see that the collectors haven't been forgotten.  These will be out soon, and should be worth the price.

Spider-Man is getting a new series of HeroClix in 2013.  The NECA company is going to try to latch on to the popularity of Skylanders by coming out with a base that will link new pieces into a video game.  I will try to post more about the game as I get information on it.

Iron Man 3 did get a display this year, but as I said before, these toys are far from satisfying a collector.  They seem very cheaply made, and have very little to them to appeal to anyone but the kids who will want them for play.  With such great figures as the NECA line, and some of the basic figures in the Universe and Legends line, I wouldn't spend out money on the Iron Man 3 toys when so many better Marvel items are on the way.

What toy line would be compleat without the dress up items?  The Iron Man 3 line has a helmet and gauntlet that are slated to be hitting stores, and a new hammer for Thor 2 next year was on show.  The hammer has a nice lighting show and sound effect.  After seeing the Iron Man 3 toys, I am a bit afraid to see the Captain America 2 and Thor 2 figure lines.

Hasbro is introducing what they call the Titan line in most of their toy lines this year.  I showed one of these when I talked about the Iron Man 3 line.  The two I have seen in stores already (Iron Man and Spider-Man) look cheaply made, and not very collectible.  Out of the photos from the Toy Show, the best one looks to be the Hulk, as long as he isn't changed by production.

Wolverine's new movie also comes with new toys.  I will have to see what the figures look like up close to see if they are better than the Iron Man 3 line (I can only hope they are).  I haven't seen anything that looks like it is from the movie more than it is the comic book line.  We may even get a surprise with other X-Men appearing in the wave.

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