Thursday, February 28, 2013

New DC toys in stock for the weekend of 3/2/2013

We got in several new DC toys this weekend from collections we bought that day. 

If you are a Bat-Man fan, you may like the camouflage version of the Tumbler from the last Bat-Man movie trilogy. This a bit bigger scale than most of the Hot Wheel toys, and we are offering it for $5.  If you want to see Specifications on Bat-Man's Tumbler, go check out Chicks Love the Cars.

This past weekend, we also got in more DC Direct toys.  We did get in a few heroes, but the majority of what we got in were villains. These toys are $10-$20 each.  Here is a small fact for comic fans *The first supervillain ever to actively battle a superhero on a recurring basis was the Ultra-Humanite, who frequently fought Superman during the Golden Age, and first appeared in Action Comics #13.*

In the DC Universe toys, we got in another Eclipso.  For those who don't know of him, Eclipso made his first appearance in House of Secrets #61 back in August 1963.  Originally he was created to be a generic villain, but was later recreated an entity of pure evil. 

More of the bigger scale Green Lantern Movie toys came in this week.  Pictured is Tomar-Re, the bird like lantern and friend to Hal Jordan. Tomar-Re made his debut in Green Lantern #6 of May-June of 1961.

If you have any questions or comments about the DC toys we have in stock for this weekend, feel free to drop us an e-mail at

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