Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Up coming Lone Ranger toys

NECA will be producing the figures for the upcoming Lone Ranger movie.  The basic line will be 4 inches and will include The Lone Ranger, Tonto, and the villain.  Each main character will also be available with their horse.

The larger scale figures are to be highly-detailed, and so far, I have yet to find a full line up for this set, other than Tonto and the Ranger.  Those who were lucky enough to go to the Toy Show, said that this Tonto looks just like Johnny Depp.  NECA seems to have gone all out for the sculpting of this line for figures.

The Lone Ranger will also be getting a line of Hero Clix this year.  I am not sure how many pieces will be in the set, but it looks like they will be available in single packs and as a starter set.

Like many other Disney live action films, The Lone Ranger will also be getting a LEGO line as well.  By this image, I wonder if the LEGO Lone Ranger game is also in the works.

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