Sunday, February 24, 2013

New toys for 2/24/2013 (Now in Stock)

So far this week, we have gotten in a mix of different toys. From Super Heroes to Horror. And for those using our new sight, I am trying to give a first look at what is coming in.

Fist up is from the old comic book Gen-13. We have the icon of the team, Caitlin Fairchild. This character has found new life in DC's new 52 line, as one of the background players in Super-Boy's origin and as the leader of the Ravengers. If you would like to have Fairchild as a fan of the old Gen-13 comics, or as a New 52 reader, she is only $10.

More 80's Barbies are in stock this week, and as usual, we have them marked from $5-$20 each, a great price for these older Barbies. These are great for those who had them as a child, or for someone who wants some older pieces as a new collector.

If you would like to know more about Barbies from this time, check out Adele's Pink Planet

If you like horror, we got the iconic movie monster from the Hell Raiser line in stock again. This Pin Head is from the third series, and has a great amount of detail. This one runs $20, and may not last long. Hellraiser fact: The film was based on a book titled “Night Visions”

From the 90's Spider-Man toy line, we have the Red Skull in stock. If your child likes the Avengers and would enjoy a bigger villain for their Captain America toys, this Red Skull would be a great addition to their toy chest at the low price of $10

This is Batmanuel from the Tick live action TV show. We don't see many of these toys since they were never that popular, but this one could be a fun one for anyone who remembers that short lived show. The show was so short lived that the DVD that was released in September of 2003 included several episodes that were not aired. If you want Batmanuel, he only costs $10, and yes he is packaged with his Heroes License.

For those who like online gaming we got Captain Dasha from Ultimo Online. The game began back in 1997, but found new life in 2007 with Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn. Even if you don't know Ultima, or like online games, this figure has a lot of detail and personally, I think it looks fantastic. We have Captain Dasha marked at $20 .

We may be getting in more toys today, so this may not be all we have in this weekend.  If anyone has questions about anything that we just got in, feel free to shoot us an e-mail at

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