Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Marvel Universe for 2013 (A Review)

In the last section, I was a bit critical of the Marvel Legends, so here is an assessment of the New and soon to be released Marvel Universe line. This series by Marvel and Hasbro is actually bringing a wide range of characters. The first set I want to bring to you are the ones that should be out yet, that may not have hit Chattanooga.

First one in this line is Hercules, the second god of the Avengers. The basics of this figure looks really good, but I do want to note two things that bother me with this figure. For starters, the midsection looks odd to me. This could just be from the figure in the pic being packed at an angle. The second thing is Herc really needed his loin cloth. As it is at the moment, Hercules looks like he may be wearing a thong.

The next one on the list is Nighthawk. I like how he looks in his photos so far, and he is something we haven't already seen in this or a bigger size scale yet. I know this Defenders member isn't going to be one of the most popular in this wave, but I do give Hasbro and Marvel credit for putting something new out there.

Nova is next in the line up. I know at the moment he is on the new Spider-Man cartoon as an Avenger. And yes in the comics he has been (like so many others) a member of the team. I think he is one of the best sculpts in the set, and that is saying a lot since over all I think this wave is really nice.

If you know anything about Alpha Flight, you got to know who Puck is. He may be small, but like his former teammate, Wolverine, he is tough. This figure comes with a small white bird (who I guess is suppose to be Snow Bird). This smaller figure looks nice, but if I had to say anything about it, I think Puck should have been packaged with another character. Even with the small bird, paying full price for a toy even smaller than the rest could leave some collectors feeling a bit cheated.

The final toy in this wave is Angel. I think he looks pretty good, tho he isn't my favorite out of this set. I know that this bubble is stuffed with those big wings, but am I the only one that thinks he is packaged to look like he is doing the old dance move called the robot? If this set has a variant, I would dare say it will be with the Angle figure by doing his white and red suite.

This next set is of figures that are about to come out. Other than the Blastaar, this wave looks like an X-men line up. Professor X does come with the gold hover chair most of us remember from the 90's. I think it looks nice, tho if anyone gets to see pics of this one loose from the box, the chair looks a bit short. I hope to see this body get re-issued later down the road to make a proper Tony Stark figure.

She hasn't ever been one of my favorite X-Men, but her for the first time since some of the 90's lines is Jubilee. Tho I don't really like her, the figure looks pretty good. With this wave being made up of three figures and one variant, I am curious to see if anyone will be asking for Hasbro to put out the vampire version of Jubilee at any point.

Blastaar has a normal figure and a variation where his arms are clear yellow for his blasting powers. Tho they are giving he consumers a tiny figure in Puck, Blastaar will be large compared to the several other figures in the Universe line. He is someone that if they decide to put in the Legends line, I can only hope he will be a build.

Three packs of Marvel Universe three packs are new as well, tho I am not sure if these have hit the Chattanooga area yet. The first one on the list is of The West Coast Avengers. This one should be a hot one to get since it has War Machine, Hawkeye, and for the first time in any size scale, Mocking Bird. For those who come across this one, I suggest that you grab it fast cause the Avengers are always a hot item, and this one has three great characters in it.

The Uncanny X-Men pack looks pretty good, other than the fact that another Wolverine is one of the figures you get to add Longshot and Rouge to your collection. Tho the X-Babies Cyclops is a fun added touch to this set.

The last one in these new gift packs is the Inhumans. I don't know how this one will be greeted compared to the other two. The pack has Karnack, Black Bolt, and Medusa. To be honest, if anyone finds all three of these packs and had to choose between them, I would put this one on the end of the list. The figures don't look bad, but Black Bolt is the best one in it, and he has already been released in the Universe scale.

I think that I can connect this page to my phone, so like the TMNT toys, I may put up information of where and how much these toys are if I should come across them. If you are interested in these toys or any of the ones I have done a review of, keep an eye on this sight just in case of information on where you may be able to get these great figures.

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