Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Toy Show 2013 Walking Dead Toys

I am sure more than just these few items are coming out this year for AMC's top rated series, but this is what was offered up at Toy Show 2013.  These items will be big toys to find in the third wave.  Wave three is slated to have Merle, and a three pack of Michonne and her pet walkers on chains.  The blu-ray case for season three will look like the wall of heads shown a few times this season in the Governor's hide away.  The case is being produced by McFalane toys so it should be an amazing sculpt in real life (not just in the photo above).  No other figures for wave four was on display, but Carl is on his way out.  I can guess that that wave will be like all the others so far.  Two survivors and two walkers.

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