Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Japanese toys from this last weekend

 We only got in one DBZ toy this week, but we got in more Bakugan toys for the gaming section

 For the kids who love Japanese games, we got in more Pokemon and a few Mario items

Vintage toys from last week

 We got in a few vintage toys this week from a Ghost Buster to Micro Machines (the metal ones)

 Also we got in another She-ra item and a few of the cars to the Car Voltron toy.
 More vintage TMNT toys are also in stock including the first toys in the set and a toon Ralph

Star Wars from last weekend

 We got in lots of loose Star Wars toys last weekend from the new trilogy and the clone wars.

 This large Vader that transforms is the only star Wars that we got in the box last weekend.
This week we also got in two more vintage Star Wars toys.

Transformers from last weekend

 In transformers, we got a few items in the box, including some of the bigger Kre-O tiems and an older toy from early 2000s

 For the kids, we got in a few items of Bumblebee.  We have this big lights and sound toy again, and if they don't like toys that are too big, we even have a small one in stock too.

 In the loose toys, we have many to choose from including Optimus and Dreadwing.

 We also have in more meal toys and movie items

 More vintage Transformers came in this last week too, including Iron Hide, Rumble and insecticons.

Marvel toys from last weekend

 Last week we got in more loose Marvel toys.  We got in more of the Avengers toys for the kids who loved this movie last year and can't wait for Iron Man to start Friday.

 We even got in more X-Men toys and Fantastic Four items.

 A few odd items came in last weekend, including balls, and pez toys.
 A few toys from the kid's favorite web head's toy lines came in last weekend.  Spidy is one of the heroes the kids can't get enough of.

DC builds from last week

 This weekend we got a total of five fully made DC Build a figures from several sets.  We have these for show in one of the inside showcases.

 part of the collection that we got in, includes some almost finished DC build toys from some of the later sets. Most of these are missing one to two parts only.

 We also got in more DC parts if you are looking for that one last piece to finish one of the toys in your collection.

New DC toys from last week

 We got lots of new cars this weekend, and some of them were from the Batman toy line.   We got in Batmobiles, bikes and other Gotham cars

The only DC toy we got in the box this week was this animated version of Booster Gold

 We also got in several loose DC toys in loose this week.  We got in things from Batman, and even Krypto the Super Dog.

Some of the items we got in were Batman vehicles and even heroes from the Justice League.

lots of new cars last weekend

 this weekend, we got in several police and state trooper cars in the box that are located in our flat showcase.
 These two cars we got in the box is something that we have never had in before.  These are based on the golden age of Saturday night live.
The wall of loose cars is all new from this last weekend.  We also got in this motor bike and this nice Donkey Kong monster truck.

 If you like diecast cars, this we got in an older tanker truck in the box.
 Also our wall of new in the box cars are all new items.  We also got in this small pack of Scooby Doo cars as well.