Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ultimate Spider-Man (A Review)

Recently the Ultimate Spider-Man toys have hit the Chattanooga area. I am only going to put up pics of the 6 inch figures since out of the whole line, I find these to be best looking, tho I think instead of doing two basic looking Spider-Mans in the first wave, they should have put out someone for the heroes to fight. This set is based on the newest cartoon for the web slinger and the main buyers are going to be the kids. Many of the other toys in the line are lacking much like the Iron Man 3 toys, but like that line, a few items are their saving grace. Nothing in this line screams collectable since everything is made more for play. If you are a Marvel collector, you would be better off getting some of the new Legends and Universe toys that are on their way. If you just really need a new Spider-Man figure, keep your eyes open since Marvel I am sure has one planed for an up coming Legends or Universe line later this year.

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