Saturday, February 23, 2013

Iron Man 3 (A Review)

The Iron Man 3 toys are already beginning to over flow toy shelves in all retail stores, showing us that Walmart has yet to learn that too many movie toy are never a good thing. Unlike the Marvel Universe like figures that came out for Avengers and Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3's basic merchandise looks cheap and not very well made. These toys range in size from small figures that pop apart (a gimmick that Hasbro ripped off of an older Ben 10 line) to bigger electronic figures. I really don't see anything collectable about this line, and am finding myself far from impressed. Other than a children wanting these toys for play, I would hold off on getting any of these. Like Green Lantern, Iron Man 2, and many other movie toys that stores over stock on, I suspect these will be on clearance a month after the movie is released.

If you are an Iron Man fan, or just a toy collector in general, I would highly suggest sticking to the Iron Man Marvel Legend set where you will get a nice comic version of Iron Patriot, and you can build a comic version of the Iron Monger. Or you can just save your money for the Diamond Select toys that are due to come out in April.

So far this year, Iron Man 3's basic toy line has been one of the two that has really disappointed me by the lack of care that seems to be put into them.

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