Thursday, February 28, 2013

Other toys in stock for 3/2/2013

We got in several toys that don't have a category, or that so few were gained that I am just going to mix them all under basic toys.

More Dragon Heart figures are in stock from the past weekend.  Each of these figures are $5 each.  I wished we could get in the dragons from the film, but the basic figures are loved by the kids who want something affordable that has lots of weapons. *Draco's real name was never mentioned in the movie*

This picture doesn't do justice to the large bag of Lincoln Logs we have in stock.  This big bag sales for $10, and I am sure it will give the kids hours of fun. *Lincoln Logs were the creation of John Lloyd Wright, the son of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright.*

 In a mixed collection of new toys we got in, more Lord of the Rings figures came in.  Each of these type of toys are $15 each and are great quality.  They are fully detailed, and both kids and collectors love them, even before the Hobbit came out. *Liv Tyler's character had less of a role in the books than she did in the films*

For the kids who love Disney's Cars, we got in this plush Towmater.  He sales for $5, and I will tell you now that if you think your little one would like to have this doll, you better come by early Saturday, Mater sales fast. *Doc in the movie is a Hudson Hornet*

The kids who love the Loony Toons still get some of our Space Jam movie toys, so this weekend we made sure to get a few more.  Each of these toys are $5 each.  Most of these are 2 packs that come with a Michael Jordan or a character from the movie and one of the Loony Toons *On the Space Jam DVD cover, Yosemite Sam is NOT shown*

In the collections we got more basic Star Trek toys ($5 each) from the Playmates toys line from the 90's.  I know BBC America is airing the Next Generation shows again, and the kids are being exposed to it *Tim Russ and Wesley Snipes were contenders for the role of Geordi LaForge*

In some of the loose items we got in, we did end up with classic TMNT toys from the original line.  Most are $3, but the Donatello is $5.  With the success of the current cartoon, the kids don't let us hold on these toys long.  *Playmates Toys began making TMNT toys since 1988*

Since the kids have been buying these old VR Trooper toys at $5 each, we got in a few more.  This line was put out by Bandi toys and the production company Saban who also make the Power Ranger line of toys and TV shows.  *The show lasted from September 3rd 1994 to January 21st 1996 and made 92 episodes*

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