Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Horror and Sci-Fi from 2013 Toy Show

This year's toy show didn't leave out the horror and Sci-fi toys this year as they presented items for the classic fan, and a few new things for those who like their monsters on the cute side.

These are really for the new video game, but I added them to this section since the Aliens are a cult classic in both horror and science fiction.  This line will have both the space marines and few different types of aliens in the line up.  If you notice in the pic, we will also be getting a face hugger egg as an accessory in this set.  NECA is the one producing the line that should be hitting soon.  The Diorama, as cool as it is, does not seem to be an item they will be putting on the market.

This August will bring us two versions of Carrie from the remake.  Both are different sculpts to show a highly-detailed Carrie with flowers, and the second will be the pig blood covered Carrie that lost her mind and killed her whole class.

Mezco is giving us more Creepy Cuddlers this year with another Death Mittens.  Also if you can tell by the pic, Frankenstein will be added to the set.  This may appeal to the classic horror fans.

Funko's POP! Vinyl figures will be increasing it's horror collection this year.  Rumor has it that they will re-release the original line, but they will add to the set, an Alien and Hannibal Lecter.  These figures always make cute, yet fun collectibles for many different fans.

Ghost Busters was far from forgotten this year.  A new Hot Wheels Ecto-1 will be hitting stores this year with a very attractive packaging.  While Matty Collectors will be able to get the Ecto Goggles this summer, and yes it works with the Matty's PKE Meter to give it a special function in the working version.  Also, Shakems showed off their Ghost Buster prototypes.  They said that the look of the prototypes, like the Back to the Future ones, will only improve by production, tho I must say, they already look really nice.

Shakems also is getting into horror, not just the classic cult comedy films.  Jaws will be released in three versions of bobbles.  All three will depict popular scenes.

With Jurassic Park 3D coming out this year, Shakems also got the licenses to this franchise as well.  The park van and dinosaurs should be out by the re-release of the film.

The Living Dead Dolls by Mezco is going to put the classic movie Psycho into doll form late this year with both Norman/Mother and the shower victim.  I am not sure if both will be sold separate, or if they will be put in a fun collectors package as a set.

Forget the Tim Burton film, this Mars Attack series will be based on the original trading card series.  The aliens will come in different size scales from 4" figures all the way to a 2 foot tall version.  Giving fans of classic Sci-fi a whole army of invaders.

RoboCop will made the scene with a Funko POP! Robocop along with more detailed toys for the summer.  The ED-209 that will be joining the detailed line is said to be a massive toy that should cost quite a bit, but be well worth it.

If you are a zombie fan who wants to collect more than just the Walking Dead line, the show had somethings that are cute, yet creepy.  The Romper Zombies are a line of reanimated children that will be hitting soon.  I think they look like a Night of the Living Garbage Pale Kids lol.

Entertainment Earth will be expanding their Twilight Zone line for 2013.  It is said that the set will have an exclusive for the San Diego Comic Con that will run about $40.

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