Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Back to the Future shows off new collectables at this years Toy show

Most would say that we don't have enough items out there for the Back to the Future fans, but this year a few more things will be coming out for you to spend your money on.  Now I will warn you now that several reports say that the collectibles shown are NOT the finished product so they should improve as they move into production.

this year, Shakems is putting out four bobbling toys that should make some of you hitting Toys R Us every day till you find 'em.  The first up is Doc Brown, and Marty on his hover board.  These may not be action figures, but depending on how they improve before the finished product is made, these may look really great.

The line will also include two vehicles.  The Delorean and Biff's  manure covered car from the 50's

Diamond Select Toys is also going to get into the fun by putting out this Mr. Fusion replica later this year.  It is still a prototype, and no prices have been discussed, but I am sure it will be a high dollar collectable.

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