Friday, February 22, 2013

The Loose Car Wall for the weekend of 2/23/2013

Both of these bikes are perfect for the child at play or even the motor bike fan who wants something new for their bookcase.  These wonderful toys are only $5
Bumble Bee is an RC car, that we didn't get the remote for.  The kids will still love this big car to role around.  Bumble Bee is only $5

* Bumble Bee Fact* Bumblebee comes across as one of the Transformers that are most loyal, in touch with his human feelings and in some parts of the Transformers movie Bumblebee also displays the most striking emotional performance. And even in the part where Mickayla (Megan Fox) asked the question of why Bumblebee transforms into the “piece of crap Camaro” he makes the decision of scanning and changing into the latest version (2008) Chev Camaro.

This weekend we got in a lot of new things for the car wall.  As usual, nothing on this wall or table is more than $10.  We did get in several of your favorite toys such as the General Lee, and Bumble Bee.
This big General Lee we got in is made of plastic and is also an RC car that we didn't get the remote for.  This item is a great show piece or something for a child to play with at the low price of $10

*Dukes of Hazzard fact*(Q) What color was the General Lee originally?    'The Dukes of Hazzard'

(A)Black. It was mentioned in the episode "Happy Birthday General Lee".
This older G.I. Joe tank will make any kid happy with hours of play.  This item is only $5, so it is affordable even those who are rough with their military toys.
This photo may not do this VW bug justice.  It is big enough to put at least 2 Barbie dolls in and at the low price of $10 it is a nice everyday gift for your child.

*An interesting Link*  If you our anyone you know is needing a toy for a child with autism, this is a link that you may find informative and helpful in your selection.     

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