Friday, February 22, 2013

Aliens for weekend of 2/23/2013

This past weekend, we got in an "Aliens" collection that includes one "Aliens vs. Predator" two pack.  The 90s set includes both the normal line and a re-colored line that has the same toys, but in a new color.
The basic figures are $20 each, the two pack is $80, and the two test tube toys are $30 each or $50 for the set of two. As usual, we cut deals on the more you buy.

*Information about the line* Aliens were finally brought back to the stores in 92' with a whole new toy line. Produced by Kenner again, the line added a twist that the Alien would partially resemble it's host. This idea may have been spawned from a early version of the script of Alien 3, the "Dog Alien". As for the Marines, Humans & Androids, they were loosely based off the characters from the Aliens movie. The line continued for 3 years until it's demise. Rumor has it the demise was based on Kenner shipping and not issuing many new figures to keep intrest. A total of 27 Marines and Aliens, and 4 vehicles were produced for the Aliens series.

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