Thursday, February 28, 2013

Marvel toys in stock for the weekend of 3/2/2013

The Marvel figures that we got in stock this weekend are mainly from the 90's toy lines, tho we did get in a few from other series.

More toys from the 90's Ghost Rider line are in stock.  Each toy in this line had something that would glow in the dark.  This line was the first time ToyBiz put Marvel's demonic hero in toy form.  In the picture (right) you can see where we got in the basic toys and the ripcord cycles. In the image is the character Vengeance (on bike). Each figure runs from $5-$10 each.*Vengeance first appeared in Ghost Rider #21 vol. 2*

In addition to the 90's Ghost Rider line, we got in a few more Movie Ghost Rider toys and some Generation X figures.  Each of these are $5-$10 each and are made by ToyBiz toys. *Generation X also had it's own film as a made-for-TV film which aired on FOX on February 20, 1996The movie had the White Queen, Banshee, Jubilee, Mondo, and Skin and a few characters made just for the film in the line up*

 The collection did have more 90's X-men, and some 90's Fantastic Four cartoon toys.  We got in a few members of the Inhumans, and some villains as well. The prices of these toys range from $5-$10 each *The 1994 Fantastic Four Cartoon was the third animated series based on the Super Human team*

One of the later Spider-Man lines by ToyBiz toys, called the Sneak Attack series, gave the collectors the first ever Silver Sable figure.  This weekend, we got one of these toys in stock.  Our price is $10 for her.  We don't see many of these. *Silver Sable made her first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #265 in June of 1985*

We also got in a few more toys from the 2000 X-Men movie line.  Each of these figures are from ToyBiz, and we sale them at $10 each.  *When casting for the film, Bryan Singer's first choice to play Wolverine/Logan was the actor Russell Crowe*

If you see anything that you may have questions or comments on in the Marvel toys we will have in stock this weekend, feel free to shoot us an e-mail at

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