Monday, March 4, 2013

Marvel Legends Puck Series

Hit Monkey is the first of Marvel Legends' smaller build sets, but at least two others are coming out this year.  This list of builds we can expect includes Alpha Flight's Puck.  I am not fond of the idea of these smaller build sets.  For me, I think these figures are an accessory, like Howard the Duck was with the Silver Suffer in the old ToyBiz line.  Even tho I am far from being in favor of this new gimmick, I wanted to show the new figures that will be coming out this year for this set since Marvelous managed to post up the line up from information that was prepared from this years Toy Show.  The Build, no matter hod unsatisfying it is, isn't a bad sculpt at all.  It really does look good, but the idea of builds up till Hit Monkey came out was to break up something bigger than the normal sized figure so that you got something amazing at the end, and it also made most of us collect a complete series, even if we really didn't want all the figures in it.  I can only hope that after this year, the small builds will be replaced by the original bigger builds again.  Marvel has no shortage of huge characters that were missed in previous runs along with some heroes and villains that can be done over again in a build line.  How many of us would love to see a build a Thanos? Or even a new Hulk or Juggernaut as a build?

 This Legends line is going to be a heavy line for the X-Men as every figure in it is going to be from our favorite mutant team.  Tho I am not fond of the new generation of builds, I will say the figures look great in their current stage of production in the photos posted up by Marvelous.  The line will have two versions of Cyclops.  We will be given both the Astonishing suite, and the Phoenix Force Five look (to me it looks like a new take on a Silver Hawk).  Both of these figures so far look great, and should be two nice pieces to add to your collection. At the moment, I am not sure if one will be a variant or if both of these Cyclops figures will be in the normal line up.

 Two female X-Men will also be available in the Puck series, Emma Frost and Rouge.  This take on Emma is an massive improvement to the the original Hasbro version.  if she looks like this picture when she is in the production stages, it is safe to say that she might be one of the best pieces in the set.  Rouge will be released for the first time in a single pack in the Legends line this year.  Her sculpting looks great, but with parts of her outfit (mainly her skirt and scarf), I wonder how much better it might look if the Legends line would start doing some cloth pieces on figures.  Several of the Star Wars figures look great and the their cloth extras only adds a bit of realism to the toy line.  Maybe Hasbro will add this aspect more to Marvel some time in the future (and yes it looks like they will be doing one piece with cloth in the Rocket Raccoon series, but it wouldn't hurt to try the feature on more figures).

 These may be my least favorite in this series.  Marvel fans need another Wolverine as much as most of us need an extra arm growing out of our heads.  I won't deny that it's sculpt looks good, but Wolverine is one of the Marvel heroes they make too many of.  Since he Puck line is obviously an X-Men series, they could choose from so many other mutants to fill out the line (Psylock, Nightcrawler, Jubilee, Shatterstar, just to name a very small few).  I like the idea of this Sabertooth, the head sculpting looks fantastic, but to me the over all figure looks like it is missing something (maybe it is just me).  The body to the figure just looks too plain for me, but I remember the days that Sabertooth had the huge fur collars.

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