Sunday, March 31, 2013

Other Toys we got in on Easter Sunday

 In the toys that we got too few of to justify making a posting for today, includes one Ben-10 toy.  We got in the basic figure scaled Humugasaur from the Ben-10 Alien Force line.
 This Super Sayin Goku came in today in a collection of loose toys.  It is rare for us to get Goku, and we hardly see him in this Sayin armor.
 Today, we also bought a big box of 2013 Hot Wheels.  These are all on our $1 Hot Wheels table, and if I say so myself, the selection has several cool cars in it.
A bag of loose Megazord action figures came in today.  We also got the instructions for most of these, and the collection also included two different morphers.

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