Friday, March 29, 2013

Mixed toys for the weekend of 3/30/13

 Most of the toys that I am placing under the section of mixed items for tonight's posting are girls items.  We placed a few more Beanie Babies into the box, and we also got in more Ponies of different brands in stock for this Easter Weekend.

 Some of the items that we don't see very often include this set of Teletubies and Troll dolls.  The Trolls look old, but I am unsure as to what their manufacturing dates are.

 Normally these items would be under their own sections, but since we only brought in one of each today, I figured that placing them under the heading of mixed toys would save on adding posts that aren't really needed for only one item.  In our loose Star Wars, we have in this Jar Jar action figure, and we also got this bike in our TMNT bin.

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