Sunday, March 24, 2013

We got more Marvel 3/24/2013

 Some of the few Marvel items that we got in today includes one of the Avenger's most dangerous villains.  This 3.75" Ultron figure is now on display in our showcase for anyone who needs another villain to ad to there Marvel/Avengers collection.
 Speaking of Avengers, we got in more Iron Man toys that include two Marvel Legends sized figures.  These are both highly articulated and look very well made.  I am sure a child who loves super heroes would be excited to have these.  We also got in a giant Iron Man figure that the kids will go crazy for.

The only Spider-Man item that came in today was this plush toy.  We often sale out of these quick, so if you have a little Spidy fan, make sure to come in and pick this one up before i'ts gone.

If you have any questions or comments about these amazing Marvel toys, send me an e-mail to

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