Monday, March 4, 2013

Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon Series

Marvelous managed to also get out images of the Rocket Raccoon series for the Legends line later this year.  Once again, a tiny build (oh brother) instead of a massive character in the world of Marvel.  This line will not short you on versions of Jean Grey tho, and finally you can finish your Marvel Legends Wrecking Crew this year.  That is something I often hate.  When a small team isn't produced with in the same year.  I remember in the ToyBiz days when we got three members of the Fantastic Four, and then Sue was only offered in a gift pack.

 This series is getting a Black Panther and a Scarlet Spider-Man.   I personally don't like this take of Spider-Man.  The red and black coloring reminds me of the old villain Tarantula.  Like Wolverine, Spider-Mans are overly produced.  Since this line has some Avengers in the line up, I think a Black Widow would have been a better choice, especially since she is a member of the movie team that has hardly been produced in the past.  When it comes to the Black Panther, I don't think he looks bad, but like the Sabertooth from the Puck line, it seems like he is missing something.  Many kids ask for a figure on the Panther, so I am sure this one will sale really well when they begin hitting the stores later this year.

 At last, now you can finish your Wrecking Crew in a Marvel Legends size scale.  Bulldozer and Wrecker will both be in this line up and they look great.  The Bulldozer is much better than the one that was offered in the Marvel Universe line.  I truly don't understand why it took so long to go ahead and put out these two figures to finish up a four person team.  If I remember correctly, they did the same thing with the Universe line, by making the Wrecker trail behind the other three members by a year or more.

 Other than the Wreckers, two more of the figures I think look amazing in this Legends line will be the two Hawkeyes that are in the line up.  You will have your choice of both classic, and modern (or both) this year.  Like the Black Widow, kids always ask for Hawkeye.  With the Avengers archer being in this Rocket Raccoon series, Black Widow should have been in this line up to help cash in on the Avengers movie popularity.

 As I promised, this line won't be short on Jean Grey figures.  You will be able to get AOA Jean, Jim Lee/90's Jean, or even a new Phoenix.  I know in a previous post I expressed a wish for the Legends line to do like the Star Wars figures by adding more cloth pieces, but I do hope that the AOA Jean will have something added to the cloth shirt by the time it reaches production.  It looks too plain.  For those who remember the Fox Kids cartoon series of X-Men, the Jim Lee/90's suite may be the top pick of the trio in this line.  With the Phoenix Force Five Cyclops figure in the Puck series, and this new white and gold Phoenix in this set, It makes me wonder if we will see more Phoenix Force Five Legends before the end of 2014.

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