Friday, March 22, 2013

Marvel Toys for 3/23/2013

 In all the collections that came in this week, and today, several Marvel Super Heroes came in.  We got in a few Avengers toys, like several diffrent Hulks, and this Captain America tank with a small action figure included.

 Some of the 90's X-Men toys are in stock.  If you grew up during the old Fox Kids cartoon series, I am sure you probably had a few of these figures.  These are still loved by both the kids, and those who had them as kids.
 We even got some more unusal X-men items.  This large Mr. Sinister figure is now in stock, and so is this Secret Wars Magneto from the 1980's
 I am not sure if we have ever had this come through the store before.  This is another item from the 90's X-Men line.  This is Wolverine's Jeep from the line.

For the kids who like the bigger Marvel toys, we got in this Thing from the Fantastic Four movies, and an Iron Man from the first movie line, tho he didn't get his helmet.

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