Friday, March 22, 2013

Toy Cars for 3/23/2013

 This week, we got in lots of diffrent cars, in fact our loose car table is almost all new.

We got in two of Bob The Builder's friends, and a set of diffrent types of race cars.

 Included in these toys, we got in another fire truck, and a small Thomas the train.  Tho I have never seen one till now, we also got a wooden car driven by Curious Geroge.  In the collection, we also got in one Sesame Street car, a modern VW bug, a motor bike, and even a small dump truck.

 Some of the more unusal cars that are in stock are a small police bus, a news van, and a jeep (we can't often keep these in stock).
 We also got in some new in the box cars today.  One of these would be the Hot Wheels, Back to the Future car that you will easily find on our three dollar rack.  And speaking of our Three Dollar rack, we got so many cars this week, that whole display is filled with new items.

In one of today's collections, we got in a few more Match Box and Tom Daniel's cars to put on the wall.

If you would like to ask me any questions about the cars we got in today, and throughout the week, feel free to e-mail me at

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