Sunday, March 3, 2013

Marvel Legends Iron Monger

We have already seen three of the pieces that are part of the Iron Monger series.  We have a Heroic Age Iron Man, Classic Iron Man, and an Iron Patriot, but it takes three more to build what may be the last big build we see for a while from the Marvel Legends line.  Thanks to Marvelous News, the last of this line up has been brought to light.  Two of the figures don't really surprise me, but the third was far from what I had expected.
 The two figures I predicted would be in the line up are the movie Iron Patriot, and the new Iron Man armor from Iron Man 3.  Unlike the normal Iron Man 3 line that are already in stores, these two look to be really well sculpted and may even be collectible.  If you are really wanting toys for this movie, I would still suggest skipping out on the basic toy line for Iron Man 3 and just pick up these Legend pieces.

The sixth figure really took me by surprise since I the second half of the set are movie related.This Ultron figure being in the line up makes me wonder if he might have some part to play in Iron Man 3. Ultron looks really nice in this line up, especially compared to the one in the ToyBiz line.  The build in this set is one of the best builds put out by this set of Legends yet.  Iron Monger looks fantastic and would be great in anyone's Legend collection.  I just find it sad that this may be the last big build the line will put out for a while.

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