Saturday, March 30, 2013

Toys from Japanese Cartoons and Video Games for 3/31/13

 In our Japanese toy bin, we got in one more Dragon Ball Z toy.  This is a battle damaged Gohan it seems.  We usually sale our loose DBZ toys fast, so if you are looking for a figure like this one, I would suggest for you to move fast.
 For our gamers, we have in this cute little dog from the Harvest Moon games.  In the game, you could choose to have a cat or a dog, I think most usually choose to have the dog.  The other video game toy we got in, I am not sure who it is, but I almost think he is from the Tekken line.

In the Japanese toy bin, we got in a Gaia from the Yu-Gi-Oh toy line.  This knight was one of the first big characters in the card game when it first began.

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