Thursday, March 28, 2013

More Voyager Class Toys for Transformers Beast Hunters

More Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters are coming out to fill the toy shelves for the last season of the cartoon series on the Hub Network.  In the last season, a new group of Transformers will appear, called Predacons (Not the Predacons from G-1). One of the new voyager class toys that we can expect to see from this new group will be Grimwing.  Tho the name is similar, I don't this guy will have anything to do with Grimlock (everyone's favorite T-Rex).

The Predacons aren't the only ones who will be getting new Voyager class toys soon.  Ultra Magnus will also be hitting toy stores as a new Autobot in the Transformers Prime line.  Like the Ultra Magnus from the Animated line, the Beast Hunters version will be sporting a war hammer as one of his accessories.  I haven't found any close ups of the toy it's self, but like most cases, this one also looks very much like Optimus Prime (who is Magnus' brother in many story lines).  If you are a Transformers fan, or have a child who loves these toys, they will be hitting stores very soon, and as always I will try to keep an eye out for you guys and notify you when I see them.

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