Friday, March 29, 2013

Marvel Comics Toys for 3/30/13

 Several Marvel toys are in stock for this weekend, including some gear for the kids who like to dress up.  We have in a Spider-Man and Iron Man mask, and a Captain America shield.
 In the collection that we brought in for the Easter weekend, we got several action figures based on the kids favorite Avengers.  You can choose from Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and even the Hulk.

 Several different Spider-Man toys are also in stock for the kids and collectors.  We got the Web Head in his latest movie look, the classic red and blue, and even his black and white outfits.  several vehicles are also in for you to choose from.

Several of the vehicles we got in are Spider-Man related, but we did get in a few for Iron Man and even Captain America.

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