Saturday, March 23, 2013

Marvel Toys for 3/24/2013

 It seems that most of the toys we got today fall under the Marvel category.  We got in more of the 90's X-Men toys with these two Generation X figures in the box.

 In the Fantastic Four toys, we got a few more of the 90's action figures in the box, and some of the movie toys loose.

 Several Spider-Man items are in stock from the 90's line.  We got in this really nice 2-pack of ToyBiz toys with Spidy and Carnage based off of the Maximum Carnage story line from the 1990's.  And from the Spider-Man cartoon, we have in both the mutant Spidy, and Blade, the vampire hunter

 We did get in some newer Spider-Man toys today as well, like this huge Venom figure.  But more 90's items include the Doppelganger, and this Spider-Man figure/projector.

 Some loose Avenger items also came in today.  We got Iron Man toys in two different size scales, and we got a Hulk mask with soft gloves.

If you have any questions about the Marvel Comic toys that we got in today, feel free to write me at

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