Saturday, March 30, 2013

Transformers for 3/31/13

 We did get in a few Transformers today, including this Go-Bots item.  It isn't a Go-Bot from from the 80's toy line.  The name Go-Bot was more recently given to a line of Transformers that are simple to transform and were targeted for the younger children who may not be able to work the normal action figures that easily.  The one that we got in looks to be a tiger when it transforms (or some other large cat).  We also got in two small Beast Wars Transformers that would be ideal for younger children.
 From the era of the Beast Wars, we got in this Optimal Optimus toy.  I will be honest, it has seen some better days, but for those who enjoy doing customs or need missing pieces for the Optimal they have, this item may be perfect.
 If you or your child likes the Movie items, we do have in this Optimus Prime from the second movie.  he has some gold trim and what looks like a bit of Japanese writing on some of his parts.

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