Friday, March 29, 2013

New DC Toys for 3/30/13

 For the Easter Weekend, we also got our hands on more loose DC toys.  The majority of what we got in are Batman items.  We got in some Batman boxing gloves, and for the kids who like to dress up as their favorite heroes, we even have in this Batman mask.

 Many different types of Batman action figures are also in stock for this weekend. Some of the ones we have for you to choose from are Movie toys and vehicles, Imaginext figures, and some of the larger scale action figures.
 Some of the items that we brought in today are Batman vehicles such as the Tumbler, the Bat Pod, and even Batmobiles.  These are all items that the kids go crazy for.
 We also got in some of the toys for the smaller kids such as Little People DC heroes, and vehicles and some of the McDonald's Young Justice Skate Boards.

Some of the cars that we added to our loose car shelf are DC related.  A majority of these are Batman, but we got card on the Joker, Green Arrow, and even Gorilla Grod.

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