Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fantasy Toys for 3/31/13

 In one of the collections we picked up today, we got in these three dragon toys.  Each one is super articulated and I am sure will be sold soon to one of the many kids who love dragons.
 If you remember the movie Small Solders, you may remember the explosive expert for the bad guys in the movie.  I honestly don't know if we ever had a toy on this guy before, but kids still remember this film since it is often shown on Cartoon Network.  We also got a bunch of these Mega Blok like toys.  They are all knights, and orc type creatures.  If you child has play sets for these guys and need to replace some of the troops, or wants to buy more for their play, you may want to get this set before it sales out.

 Several Star Wars figures came in today.  All the ones we got fit into one photo, so I decided to place it into this section instead of giving it a post all of it's own.  We got in characters from both the original and second trilogy.
We don't get many toys from this series, but we have in another animated Tales from the Crypt Keeper figure in the box.  The one we bought today is the zombie from the set.  If you remember this old show, or if your just a zombie lover, you may enjoy adding this figure to your collection.

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