Friday, March 29, 2013

New Cars for 3/30/13

 We brought in lots of new toy cars for the Easter Weekend.  Some of the items we brought in are bigger cars that are made to fit Barbie Dolls.  And like most weekends, we did bring in more Disney Cars items as well.
 More of the items we brought in this week was a box full of small toy cars for our loose car shelf this week.  We got monster trucks, sports cars, and yes more Disney cars.
 If your little ones need something to carry all their Hot Wheels in, we got this nice tire shaped car case.  It is available on our $10 shelf.  We also added more Hot Wheels in our loose Hot Wheels bin.  We got all kinds of different cars that your kids will go crazy for.

 We got in bigger toy cars for our loose car shelf as well. We got a lot of Disney Cars items, some die-cast, and cars of different makes. Some of these are Jeeps, construction, sports cars, and even Monster Trucks.  In the new selection we just brought in, we even got a few odd jets in stock.

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