Friday, March 22, 2013

Sci-Fi Toys for 3/23/2013

 This week, we got in several Science Fiction toys.  One of these is this really nice Cerberus figure for those who love Greek Mythology.
 We got in several movie items today as well.  We got in this Brandon Lee Crow in the box, and we even got in a Robo Cop figure ( we don't see many of these)
 In the collections we bought, we got in some classic Sci-Fi toys.  In one of these sets, we got in this Godzilla Villain, and another one of the older King Kong figures.

Some of our other movie toys is this replica wand from Harry Potter, and tho I don't even think it belongs in the Sci-Fi category, we also have in this character from Twilight.  Some young girl I am sure will want this figure.
 We also got these two wands that are not offical Harry Potter items, and since we only got one He-Man toy today, I also included this small Man-at-Arms figure into this section.

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