Sunday, March 3, 2013

Some of 2013's Marvel Universe toys

The toys show give us some information about upcoming Marvel toy lines for this year, including the Universe line.  Marelous News (an online page for everything Marvel) posted pics of some of the other Universe toys that we know of for this year (this isn't all of the ones we can expect).

 For the Hulk lovers, we can expect to see both Abomination, and A-Bomb hitting toy shelves this year.  If you don't know about A-Bomb, he is the new Abomination, and just happens to be the Hulk's long time side kick, Rick Jones.  When the Red Hulk first showed up, the original Abomination was murdered by the hulked out General "Thunderbolt" Ross.

 We will see more Avengers oriented figures this year. Captain America will hit toy stores with a brand new sculpt that is sure to look really nice in final production.  Iron-Man will be coming out in a brand new version of the stealth armor.  Until now the stealth suite has always been an all blue version of an already produced figure.  The new figure of Tony Stark's armor will add more color to the idea of the armor.

 So far, I can only assume that both Cloak and Dagger will be offered in a two pack since this team is never really seen separate in the Marvel Comics.  These two usually go through phases of being seen often in the Marvel Universe to periods of being MIA for a year or two.  If these two are not offered together in a pack, I am sure those who collects this line will want them both.

The line for this year will also put out a Baron Zemo figure in his classic purple suit, and Elektra for the fan of the Daredevil line.  Since I was a fan of the original Thunderbolts, I can only hope that they will do a variant of this Zemo so that he will be offered in his black suite that he wore during the Civil War age of the Thunderbolts.  The Elektra figure tho, I have the idea won't be too popular, especially since her Legend figure is often a peg warmer, but it is possible that they will put out a white or black suite variation of her in what ever line she is offered in.

This is sure to be a massive figure as far as Marvel Universe toys go.  Colossus as the Juggernaut will be a neat one to add to your X-Men collection this year. I know that it has parts from the already made Juggernaut figure that the Universe has already produced in a previous series, but still if it looks anything like the photos that are floating around right now, this one will be one of the hottest toys in this line for 2013.

 What would any Marvel line be without X-Men in the line up?  This year we will see a new Cyclops and Emma Frost hitting stores.  Since both of these looks fit together in one of the more recent X-Men teams (Astonishing X-Men), we may be seeing them either in single packs or together in a two pack set.  I am sure that most X-Fans will be wanting both of these to add to their collections.

Some Spider-Man villans will be coming out in the Universe line for 2013.  They Mysterio is a new figure, but the Rhino was already released in 2012 in what I think was a Toys R Us exclusive two pack (I think both the North Gate and Hamilton Place store still have these in stock).  I haven't seen any pictures for a new Spider-Man in the Universe toys, but I am sure they will sneak one or two out before December.  I have the idea that most Spidy fans will enjoy these figures more than the current Ultimate Spider-Man line that is in stores now.

 Captain America isn't the only Avenger that is getting a new sculpt this year.  Thor will be getting at least a new head sculpt.  The body looks like a re-issue of the modern comic Thor that is already in the line.  Also for the Thor fans, Marvel Universe will be putting out the first Skurge figure, that will include his ax.  If you are a fan of the thunder god, you may feel that Skurge is well over due since the enchantress was in one of the first two packs the line offered.

 For Avenger fans, members of the Secret Avengers are going to be hitting the toys stores this year with a two pack of Ant-Man with another version of Moon Knight.  This time the Knight looks to be coming in a white with blue tent paint job.  And to add to both the Secret Avengers and Thor fans collections, the Valkyrie will be in one of the future line ups.  This will mark her first time in the Universe line.

Some of the rumored toys you can expect to see in the line this year will be an Thor with beard, Thor Frog, Black Knight, Death's Head, and Fing Fang Foom.

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