Tuesday, March 12, 2013

dc tries 3.75" scale again.

 Most of us may remember how a few years ago, DC tried to put out a line of 3.75 inch sized figures, but unlike the Marvel Universe line of the same size scale, it didn't last long.  Some of the figures looked great, but over all, they had an odd look to them.  On this time around, the DC line seems to be available in two packs, and if the photos tell the full story, it looks like we will be getting a lot of great details.

 The first ones look like they will be based on the new DC fighting game "Injustice: Gods Among Us".  If they keep their quality at production, these may put the Marvel Universe toys to shame.  I have done some research on the prices we are going to be looking at, and the biggest down fall for the new 3.75" DC line will be the price.  They seem a bit high for the size scale, even in a two pack format.It looks like the prices will be almost $30 a pack.  We can get the Black Adam and Aquaman, along with Superman and Nightwing in August.

 Wondercon is already getting exclusives in the line with Larfleeze and Guy Gardner.  In the photos of Agent Orange and Guy, the upper torso joint already looks a bit like the other 3.75" DC line that gave them a bit of an odd look.  The joint on the females was one of the biggest issues.

This time around, I hope that when they produce this line, they learned their lesson from the last time around, and maybe by the launch, we will get lucky and the price will drop just a little.

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