Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DC 6 inch toys

 If you are not fond of the 3.75" DC that we just reviewed, not to worry, we are still going to get some 6" figures based on the new 52.  Two 2-packs and some single figures will be offered.  The two packs will include a member of the Justice League along with a member of the new Justice League America.  In August, we will see Wonder Woman with Katana, and Flash with Vibe.

Speaking of the Justice League America, in the single figure line up, we will also get the new 52 Martian Man Hunter.  In my opinion, these toys look great as most in the 6 inch line usually does.  I am in hopes that the prices I have read about on some of the web sights are incorrect, because if they are not, we are looking at a price mark up on the DC Universe line.  As a collector, I love quality, but also price is an issue as to what all I will buy.  As much as I love DC, if the single figures are raised by $10, I may not collect as many as I have been.

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