Sunday, March 3, 2013

Botcon 2013

Botcon 2013 will be June 27th-30th this year in San Diego, CA.  This is a convention for the Transformers and bot fans.  Just like the San Diego Comic Con, this convention also has exclusive collectibles, usually for the Transformers line.  I am including the link to the official page, just in case anyone wants to see what it is all about, or even register for the show (would be a nice trip if you have the time and funds for it).

One thing you can expect to find featured at the show will be Machine Wars Series 2.  If you guys have never heard of this series, it was a short lived toy line that premiered before Beast Wars.  The line was recolored toys from the UK in past Transformers lines that originally never crossed the pond.  One of the oddest things about that line was that the Starscream figure was much more bigger than the Megatron.  Also it debut the first Optimus Prime without the patented face mask, making some think of it more of an Orion Pax figure (Optimus Prime's original name in G-1).

Botcon is one of those bigger conventions that some how not everyone has heard of, but I can tell you, the exclusives are often very collectible.  But if you can't go, thanks to the internet, you will be able to get them from E-Bay, Amazon, or even from the Transformers Fan Club, I'm sure.

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