Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2013 G.I. Joe

Storm Shadow, Cobra Trooper, Cobra Commander (on Top)
Shipwreck, Snake Eyes, Duke (On Bottom)
If you are a G.I. Joe fan, and find yourself not wanting the movie line, the franchise is going to be offering more basic figures in June.  The six figures  that will be offered have the same over all detail that this size scale offers us in the Joe line.  Some of the looks seem familiar from other G.I. Joe toys offered in the past, such as the black and white Storm Shadow, and the mask being worn by the Snake Eyes.  I don't think I have ever seen a Shipwreck wear a mask like the one in the photo, tho it reminds me of a Cobra Eel.  I am sure that many of our Joe collectors will like these figures, and I do hope that they each will come with a base like the ones shown in the                                    photo.  For the collectors who leave their figures in the package, I hope that the box art will be as overwhelming as that of the Joe 25th anniversary line.

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