Sunday, March 3, 2013

What we got for Sunday

Hey everyone, thanks for the amazing weekend!  We got some loose and one toy in the box this morning.  We did get some more stuff in the box, after closing today, and I didn't get time to get photos of it so I will take a few snaps of it when we start bringing it in and I will post it on here first.  I am doing one big post for what we got today.

Animated Batman toys came in loose today, several do have the capes to them, which is hard for us to get when they are out of the box.  I took a pic of this one just for the fact that I don't see many green Batman figures.

I took this picture on top of some of our Hot Wheels so that maybe you can get an idea of how massive this Bumble Bee toy is.  I can't even begin to figure out what all this thing can do, but I know some kid will love this thing since at the moment he is the favorite for the younger Transformers fans.

OK, this Hulk looks crazy, I know.  We have had several of these things, and no matter what I think about the look on it's face, the kids always love these things.   Hulk may be the kids favorite Avenger, especially since we can't keep toys on him in stock for long.

We got in more loose Lord of the Rings figures in three different size scales.  In this collection, we got in several different Frodo figures, and a giant Sam.  The kids love these films and often like it when we get loose figures from the franchise in stock.

This is the only thing we got in today that was in the box.  We have had this Star Wars Fan Club exclusive pack in a few times now, but it is always an awesome item for the collectors.  This is how George Lucas, his son, and two daughters appeared in their roles in Star Wars Episode III : Revenge of the Sith.

For our Sci-Fi section, we got in several loose Pirates of the Caribbean figures.  The kids often love to get these when they have seen the movies (usually when they air on TV).

In our loose Power Rangers, we got in several Red Rangers, but I just took a picture of the yellow one that we got in today.  When it comes to the Power Rangers line, we don't get in very many of the girls (Pink and Yellow).

Here is something we don't see very often for the Build-A-Figure section.  This is an arm to the elusive Sentinel figure that most Legend fans would love to build.

When it comes to the heroes that kids love, Spider-Man usually is on the top of the list.  We got in several loose Spidy toys and a few villains today.  In this picture, I put in a pretty big Rhino figure that was in the collection, since rumors ate that he may be in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie.

In the collection, we got some Star Wars figures as well.  In this photo, I snapped a shot of a trio of Jedis that were in the mix of toys.

I don't know what the kids see in these things, but we got a Tech Deck kit with box and boards.  The kids ask for these things, so I guess they see a fun factor in this line, that I am missing.

I never got into the UFC, so I don't know who it is we got in, but we do have in these three loose figures form the line.  If you are into the franchise, I am sure these will look great in your collection.

We did get in more X-Men toys for our Marvel section today.  I took a picture of this one for the simple fact that I am impressed by the fact that Professor X has his wheel chair.  Often when we get this toy in loose, the chair is no where to be seen.

If anything in this post sparked your interests, or if you have any questions about the objects posted or anything we may have in stock, feel free to drop me an e-mail at

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