Friday, March 8, 2013

TMNT for the weekend of 3/9/2013

We got in two loose TMNT toys in tonight's collection.  In what we bought, we got both Usagi Yojimbo, and Leonardo.  Each of these are $5, and as hard as Turtles are to find right now, we are sure to move them fast.

*Usagi Yojimbo is a comic bookseries created by Stan Sakai that first appeared in Albedo Anthropomorphics #2 published by Thoughts and Images in November 1984. Stan Sakai accepted an offer to move his warrior rabbit to Fantagraphics Books where he appeared in several issues of the new anthropomorphic anthology series Critters. Usagi's popularity influenced Fantagraphics to then release the Usagi Yojimbo Summer Special in October 1986. Finally, Fantagraphics gave the ronin rabbit his own on-going series with issue #1 being published in July 1987. In 2011, IGN ranked Miyamoto Usagi 92nd in the top 100 comic books heroes.*

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