Saturday, March 9, 2013

Target exclusive New 52

 If you are a fan of the New 52 Justice League, you will love these animated style  versions of the world's greatest team.  This set is exclusive to Target, and if you don't want to try to find them in your local store, you can order them from the online store.

The discription of the set says that it is based on the JLU style, but looking at the Bat-man and several other pieces in the set, it is obvious that it is more based on the Brave and the Bold toy line from the Cartoon Network Bat-Man show.

 The League is set to retail for around $50.  That roughly brings each figure to just over $7 each (once you break the cost down).  Since they are an animated line, they are far from being detailed, but they do look great.  I am sure all DC fans will be wanting this one.

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