Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Ben-10 four inch figures

 Ben-10 Omniverse has a list of new aliens along with new versions of old ones from past series.  This hit show for Cartoon Network is still going strong.  One of the new figures we should be seeing is Humungosaur.  Humungosaur premiered on Ben-10 Alien Force, and is still one of the kid's favorite aliens.  One of the oldest alien forms from the show that the kids still love, is Heatblast who has been around from the first series.  Each of these guys will look slightly different as the Ben character grows up, so does his aliens.  If your not seeing these two figures yet, you should be spotting them in stores before the month is over.  Like several other things, I will try to post up if I have seen these and where.

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