Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mini-Mates Tomb Raider

Laura Croft and the cast of the latest Tomb Raider game gets their own Mini-Mates line.  Most of us may be failure with these more detailed and articulate version of the Lego men.  This set is going to have two sets running at one time, one set will be Toys R Us, while the other will be for the comic/hobby shops. In total, we can expect to find 12 different Mini-Mates in this set, and they all come with specialized accessories.  These little things are always cool, and are a cute item for the collectors.  In the store, we had tons of the Marvel ones about two months ago, but now we are down to one pack, if that tells you that the Mini-Mates move.  If you want any of the Tomb Raiders, I would grab them while I can, or even see about pre-ordering.

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