Sunday, March 10, 2013

Masters of the Universe toys we got in on 3/10/2013

 Today we got a collection that had in an original Masters of the Universe Tri-clops and a vehicle.This is the first of the classic toys that we got in a while.

We don't get in too many of the 90's The New Adventures of He-Man toys from the short lived cartoon series.  The Skelitor sadly is missing his cape, staff, and helmet, but other than that, the toy looks in fine shape.

*In episode 58 of season 2,  J. Michael Straczynski's original notes for this episode, he described Modulok as having two heads and lots of spare body parts, like the toy. However, this design was too complex for Filmation to animate and so they simplified him. His extra head was later seen in "Happy Birthday Roboto".*

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