Saturday, March 16, 2013

Loose toys for 3/16/2013

 We got in 100+ pieces of loose items this today, so I couldn't take pics of everything, tho I do try.  I had to talk several bulk photos today so sorry about that, but time can be the enemy now and again.

We got in this big bag of huge bricks in today, most kids will love getting these, and smaller hands can handle these type of building blocks without worrying about the choking hazard that the smaller ones can pose.
 Today, we got in lots of girls items, including this small Hello Kitty box, and this doll sized kitchen set.  We also got in this really cool girls electronic item, and this Dora bag.

 In loose toys for boys, we got in Dragon Ball Z, Star Wars, Marvel heroes, and vintage items.  We got in a Secret Wars Magneto from the 80's toy line, and we even got in a really cool set of Biker Mice From Mars.

 Lots of loose Barbies, Bratz, and other toys have come in this week including doll house furniture.  For boys, we also got in cars, and Transformers.

If you would like to ask more about this large selection of loose toys, send me an e-mail to

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