Saturday, March 9, 2013

Halo for 3/10/2013

 Today, I got some Halo figures and Kubricks. This game franchise still has several fans, and these highly detailed an articulated figures by McFarlane toys are usually a favorite for the game players.  The Kubrick figures are four piece sets that go well with many type of block toys.  Each of these are priced at $15 each.  and if you want more than one, like most times, we may be able to offer you a deal.

*Originally, Halo was conceived as a real-time strategy game, a booming genre at the time thanks to the likes of Warcraft, Command & Conquer and Bungie's own hit series, Myth.  It still featured the familiar Spartan and Covenant units, but instead of running and gunning, you doled out orders from high above the action.*

Any questions or comments on the Halo figures or Kubricks may be directed to my e-mail

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