Sunday, March 3, 2013

G.I.Joe Collectors Club exclusive!

You have to have a subscription to the G.I. Joe fan club to get this one, guys.  The Cobra Dice will be highly collectible, and even it's packaging makes it one you would would love to display in it's 25th anniversary type box.  He is reported to have some aspects of previous toys that have come out in the past line, but this isn't surprising, especially since most toy lines use parts of toys they have produced in the past to make new ones. Transformers are known to repaint full toys to make a new one.  Dice will be coming with several ninja weapons including throwing stars, a battle staff, claws, and an ax.

So far I am not quite sure of the release date, or even how much this is going to be, but this is the first of a line of exclusives to those who have a subscription to the club, so I suggest if you are a serious toy or even Joe collector, you should get your self enrolled in this club soon.

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